What really matters when ordering and Amsterdam Escort

At Duchess Escort Amsterdam we are on a constant lookout for new escorts in Amsterdam. One of our biggest challenges is trying to figure out if they are a good fit for us and more importantly for our clients. As a result, we have learned over time what makes for a good escort. So we thought we would share this information with you.

These are our top 5 tips in evaluating a top Amsterdam escort.

1. Escorts with Grounded Personality

Far too often people focus solely on looks, and this is probably this biggest mistake one can make. Not getting sidetracked by a girls beauty is imperative in being able to find an escort that clients will not only like to look at but also be around.

Our experience has taught us that escorts in Amsterdam who have grounded personalities are far more popular than those who rely only on their looks. No-one wants to order a goddess of an escort only to discover she is entirely self-absorbed.

2. Being an Escort for the Right Reasons

In the last few years, there has been a considerable influx of eastern European girls entering the escort industry. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of them are coming for all the wrong reason and are more often than not backed by people who are out to extort customers. The extortion is subtle, and most customers don’t even know that its happening to them.

As an Amsterdam escort agency, we spend a great deal of time evaluating our girls ensuring they are above board and behave ethically. With our continuous drive towards professionalism and value for money, bad escorts are soon discovered and quickly dealt with leaving us with only the best the industry has to offer.

3. No Substitute for Experienced Amsterdam Escorts

There is no substitute for an experienced Amsterdam escort. Escorts who have experience can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction levels. Men often like the idea of an inexperienced escort. Maybe they think she’s fresh or innocent. The truth is it doesn’t work like that at all. Inexperienced escorts come with many problems and will often get far more complaints. A great escort experience is usually down to skills that have been acquired over time. An escort’s ability to read a situation and find a customer’s wants is imperative to high-class escort service.

At Duchess Escort Amsterdam we try to find escorts who have experience but have yet to lose the enthusiasm for the work.

4. Honest Girls make for Honest Escorts

Most clients don’t think that honesty is a consideration for a top escort service. When we evaluate our escorts honesty is a prime attribute we look for. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest escorts in Amsterdam and many clients get taken advantage of on a nightly basis. We continuously hear about customers being overcharged or duped into misrepresented services. We, on the other hand, believe if we do right by our customers we will develop a long-term relationship that will be beneficial to all parties concerned.

5. Escort Agencies that Care

For a long time, the escort industry was unregulated and illegal. In recent years this has all changed but unfortunately many of the people that existed before remain. What this means is that the mindset of the past is still firmly intact and the industry has yet to adopt acceptable business practices. In most cases, they do not even understand what is required.

Our advice is when booking an Amsterdam escort make sure you use an agency that cares about your needs. Use your common sense right at the beginning when viewing their websites. Don’t think that because its the escort industry things work differently. Wrong, number one rule is, if it looks dodgy it probably is.

In conclusion getting a good Amsterdam escort maybe as simple as using the right escort agency who has done all the hard work for you.