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What are prices of Escort Services in Amsterdam ? Don’t be Fooled

The number one complaint about escorts in Amsterdam is how the pricing structure works. Visitors coming to the city are tricked and swindled out of a lot of money by a few dishonest people. One of the main arguments is that technically the escort is allowed to charge whatever she feels appropriate. But as we will see, this argument is far from what is taking place.

In this article, we will break down the main escort services, what they mean and how much they cost. We will also discuss some of the cons around town and how to void them. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be better prepared to navigate the murky waters that is the escort industry in Amsterdam.

How big is the problem

Putting it mildly, massive. It’s so bad that we estimate the majority of escorts currently working in Amsterdam have or are currently using one of the cons we will discuss.

Why is there such a big problem

There are many reasons why this epidemic has hit the city, but the main reasons are as follows:

1. Illegal Escort Agencies

There are a lot of illegal escort agencies in Amsterdam. These “companies” don’t play by the same rules and often neither do the escorts that work for them. Typically the mindset is, take what you can, and more will come tomorrow. Ultimately this philosophy leads to poor customer experience and bad ethical practices.

2. The Loverboy Problem

The Loverboy is a well document problem and has been in existence for many years now. Guys groom girls to become escorts. While the escorts do the job, the guys masquerade as their boyfriends. Due to the dynamic, police struggle to fight this form of illegal pimping because technically it’s not pimping if they are a couple. In the meantime, these loverboys train their escorts in ways to extort money from clients, usually without the knowledge of the escort agencies they’re working for.

3. The Escort Industry Mindset

The reality is that most people working in this industry do not have a typical business background. Common business practices such as client service and well-established business concepts are generally absent. What this results in are business practices that most people would consider unethical and even illegal. Further to that, because escorts are so transient, there is little to no repercussions for wrongdoers because once exposed they move on to the next escort agency and or country.

Cons to Watch Out For

1. Don’t Pay for Taxi

Most legal escort agencies include taxi costs in the prices. The only time additional taxi costs are charged is when the client location is outside of Amsterdam. Please note, legal escort agencies don’t use taxis, they have their own drivers.

A common con is for escorts to ask for taxi money which they then pocket. This is unbeknown to the escort agencies. If this happens to you, please contact the escort agencies immediately and let them know that you were charged for a taxi fare.

2. Paying Extra for Sex

Another famous and truly gutsy con. Amsterdam Escorts asking for extra money to have sex. Claiming that the service was only for companionship. Unless the escort agency makes it overly clear that their charges are solely for companionship, then the escort is pulling a number on you. All established escorts agencies in Amsterdam that charge between €150 and €200 per hour include sex as part of the package.

Once again, if this happens to you phone the booking escort agency immediately and let them know what has happened. The chances are they have no idea that the escort is pulling a job on their clients.

3.The One Shot Rule

This is another area where many clients are completely confused. The rule in Amsterdam is that clients only get to climax once per hour. Please note the wording, once per hour. This is a surprise to some visitors but is in fact true. That said it is once per hour, meaning, for multiple hour bookings you can have multiple shots, should you so choose.

Where the con comes in is that some escorts will use this rule to their advantage, by claiming that the client must pay extra even though the booking is for multiple hours.

Please Note: The typical going rate for an additional shot is €50, anything too much over that rate means your likely being taken advantage of.

4. Escort Claiming they can charge what they like

This is another misconception that once again is being abused by some Amsterdam escorts. It is true that technically an escort can charge what she likes. That said if she is working for a legal escort agency who has an agreement regarding what her rate is then she is not allowed to charge more.

A popular trend is for Amsterdam escorts to overcharge customers who appear to have money or who can be easily manipulated.

5. Escorts Leaving Once you’ve Climaxed

Another growing problem is escorts leaving immediately after the client has climaxed. Here are the facts, when booking an escort for an hour she is meant to stay for that hour unless you decide she can leave before her booking has ended.

Allot of escorts in Amsterdam like to play this games where they are in and out after 15 minutes. The reason is they are trying to get to another booking to make more money. We have even heard of reports of escorts using this trick for multiple hour bookings.

General Escort Prices in Amsterdam

These prices are a guide based on the general going rate for legal Amsterdam escort agencies. Prices may vary slightly, but anytime they go beyond the provided range you should proceed with caution, and that goes for cheaper rates too.

1. Standard Escort Service

This would include sex and oral sex with a condom
€140 – €200

Anything below this price range we would recommend being very careful. There are many expenses associated with an escort service. If its too cheap there is likely a catch or possibly the agency is illegal.

2. GFE Girlfriend Experience

Kissing and cuddling a more intimate experience
€50 – €100 (Additional to base price)

3. A-Level

This is anal sex, penis penetrating the anus
€100 – €150 (Additional to base price)

4. Erotic Massage

A sexual massage in addition to sex


For some of you reading this article you might be thinking that the Amsterdam escort industry is a complete shame. Although it has problems there are also good people who are trying to make an honest living. Like any industry in the world knowing the pitfalls can help you avoid these problems.