Benefits of using a Amsterdam escort agency

In the article we discuss why using an Amsterdam escort agency can be beneficial as opposed to independent escorts. This article is not meant to degrade independent escorts in any way but rather highlights the potential issue that one might face when using such escort services.

Quality of Escort Service

Independent escorts are not accountable to anyone other than themselves. What this means is good service is not guaranteed. Furthermore, complaints and disagreements usually cannot be resolved or mediated as there is no third party in the equation. In essence, customers booking independent escorts are essentially playing Russian roulette. Amsterdam escort agencies, on the other hand, are far more controlled. Escorts are expected to uphold certain standards and customers who are unsatisfied have a means to complain. Generally, escorts who perform poorly in their work will eventually be dismissed from an escort agency, resulting in only the good ones remaining.

Extortion of Customers

In the last few years, customers being extorted by escorts has been on a steep incline. The methods of extorting money are subtle and many customers don’t even know its taking place. For example, charging extra money for services which should be included in the price. Or overcharging customers who appear to have money. Many escorts have the opinion that they are free to charge whatever they like for escort services. This is not completely untrue, however, deceiving customers and manipulating them is in our opinion both dishonest and borderline theft. A good escort agency is open about their prices and governs the rates and prices escorts can charge customers. Agencies by law cannot force escorts to work at certain prices however they can choose who they would like to work with. In other words, escorts who overcharge are simply removed from the books.

Criminal Associations

A big problem in Amsterdam is the sheer number of escorts who are associated with criminals. Many of these criminals are often behind the escorts and in some cases extorting them. As a result, this affiliation leads to many escorts behaving poorly in their jobs with a rip the client off mentality. A good escort agency has a completely different approach to the business which is based on customer satisfaction and return business mentality.

Customer Service

Many clients view escort profiles and make 90% of their decision purely based on a picture. Anyone with experience in this business will tell you this is the worst thing you can do. A good escort agency will try and match you with an escort that suits your needs and personality. Having an escort who fits your profile will dramatically change your satisfaction levels. Independent escorts, unfortunately, cannot change who they are so unless they just happen to be a perfect match you will likely not have the experience you thought you would.

Long-term Customer Relationships

One of the main strengths of a good escort agency is the ability to service customers over a long period of time. Escorting is a transient industry meaning girls come and go. Many customers simply do not have the time to be continuously searching for new escorts. Having a good agency that knows you and what you like can be a huge advantage. Over time they are able to provide you with escorts who suit your needs and introduce you to new escorts. The process becomes simplified and easy going.

Amsterdam Escort Booking Advise

We have provided a few key points that if you follow will definitely improve your success in finding the girl that is perfect for you.

1. Always make sure you use a licensed escort agency. Legal escort agencies should display their license number at the bottom of the page. If you cannot find it ask for it.

2. Avoid any escort service where the prices are not clearly displayed or seem vague.

3. Take a skeptical view of any service which implies everything is included. This is never the case and should ring alarm bells.

5. Be very careful when using escort directories as they are heavily populated with illegal escorts or fake agencies.